Sunday, May 27, 2007

New Headquarters Needed

After destroying our own headquarters on September 11th, 2001, the Elders of Zion are now in need of a new, permanent office space. Paul was going to offer us his ensuit bathroom at the IMF, but now that he has resigned, it rules out that option. Jerri suggested the Baxter Building at 42nd Street and Madison Avenue in New York city, but I reminded him that it was the Head Quarters of the Fantastic Four, and two fictional organisations could not share the same office space. Of course Adam suggested the Bada Bing strip club, but once again this could generate a possible conflict with the Sopranos. After dismissing the idea of Wayne Mansion and the Fortress of Solitude, we finally settled on a new location.

I am happy to report that Wednesday night's meetings will now be held at 19:00hrs at 221b Baker Street, London, England. I must remember to tell Jerri that it's his turn to bring the soup.

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