Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Valentines Day is a Zionist Conspiracy

According to the translation of Indonessian blogger, Patung at ""- Buya Mas’oed Abidin, the chairman of the West Sumatra branch of the Indonesian Clerics’ Council complained on 12th February that the celebration of Valentine’s Day is a "capitalist-Jewish conspiracy". Hotels and resturaunts in certain districts have been forbidden from offering Valaentine's Day specials, and schools have been ordered to direct their students to mosques on 14th February to hear specially prepared sermons on modesty and abstinance.
Although Buya has failed to notice that a "Saint" of any sort is usually of a Catholic or Orthodox background, we need to focus on the impact that this might have on Jewish businesses in Western Sumatra. I am not sure how many Kosher deli's or wholesale retailers can be found in the Indonessian jungle along with the Orangutans and other creatures, but clearly their numbers are sufficient to raise fear among the Muslim leadership.
I have asked our librarian at JewWatch to find out whether St. Valentine was in fact a Member of the Tribe. From what I can tell, although we would be happy to take credit for this day of hearts and flowers, it may be one that lies entirely on the shoulders of the opposition. If this is indeed the case, I wonder if our Sumatran Tiger would be willing to change its stipes.

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