Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mumbai Terrorism and the Hindu Zionists

Pakistani security analyst, Zaid Hamid, in an effort to deflect blame away from Pakistan for their part in the Mumbai terrorist attacks has claimed in an interview on Pakistan's News One television channel that the attacks were instead carried out by both Western and "Hindu Zionists". Hamid stated:

"We have no doubt this was a joint plan by Israelis, Americans and Indians – in other words, this was a joint plan by Western Zionists and Hindu Zionists; in it Israelis are directly involved, there is involvement of Mossad. The details that are coming up – see, if you look at the images, the terrorist they are showing firing in the hotel with machine gun in his hand, he has tied in his hand a saffron band of Hindu Zionists; Muslims do not wear this type of band – their faces are like Hindus, the language in which they are speaking, this language no Pakistani uses."

So now we have a group of Hindu Zionists identified by the wearing of a saffron band (Note: not the blue and white of the Israeli flag). For all those years, India, as leader of the Non-Aligned Movement was showing support for Palestinian interests in the United Nations and now we discover that they're really a group of Jew loving Zionists. What would Herzl think? I think we need to open up an office for the Elders of Zion in New Delhi right away.

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